Today, Paiger is used by marketers and business owners across the world to get their salespeople sharing marketing content. 

But we struggled to understand how our customers found us.

It might sound silly to keep asking this but whilst a lot of our customers come from referrals or LinkedIn a key to our growth is being found on Google.

A few weeks ago we thought nobody is searching for the problem Paiger solves, and that influenced our move away from SEO.

But, this week, thanks to a current customer, we found there is a term that would be used to find us: Employee Advocacy.

The USP of Paiger is that we get salespeople sharing marketing content, so employee advocacy highlights how a company would utilise our platform to allow their salespeople to do just that.

Paiger does everything a B2B Marketing Manager needs for social media marketing, from curating content to scheduling, from LinkedIn tagging to pushing content onto your sales team’s personal brands.

But that isn’t something people are searching for; they’re looking to solve one problem. We believe that problem to be either employee advocacy, social selling, or social recruiting.

Maybe moving away from SEO so quick was a bit drastic from us, but we didn’t believe that was how we were going to acquire customers.

This brings us onto how we will complete SEO, but not spend lots of time and money targeting the wrong thing.

We need to use SEO via our content.

We plan to hit SEO keywords via 2/3 blogs per month which will discuss the ‘tips to achieve employee advocacy’ or ‘3 ways to help your employees become company advocates’.

Ultimately, we need our potential customer to search for their problem and a blog of ours help them.

We’re now implementing this strategy and a lot of next weeks will involve adding to the website including videos and clips to ensure we hit SEO for our 3 new target words. I look forward to showing you how we get on.

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