Is it important to establish trust with your potential customers via your website? Absolutely. 

It takes a matter of seconds for anyone to make a judgement on your website, therefore, you need to make sure you can build trust instantly. People can often become very sceptical when it comes to purchasing a product, but if they trust you and your product; the process becomes a lot easier.

Testimonials embedded on your website are an incredibly powerful way to build trust in your brand and trust with those who know very little about your company. A prospective customer will read customer testimonials as a way to check that you deliver on your promises. If your website doesn’t include testimonials, that prospective customer is going to think why. They will become suspicious that you are unable to deliver.

By adding testimonials onto your website, it instantly removes the element of perceived risk about your company; it makes your prospective customers feel more familiar with the product which allows you to establish credibility. 

Whilst, testimonials shouldn’t be treated like a direct form of persuasion – they will persuade your website visitors that they can trust you and your product. They are more likely to listen to another customer. 

What’s the most effective way to display your testimonials?

Always include their full name. It’s a must. Then, where possible, add the client’s photograph, position and company. This way, your testimonials look much more genuine.

Make sure you provide a range of testimonials; a testimonial about different aspects of your product or service. 

How about video testimonials?

If your customer isn’t camera shy, then getting them in front of a camera for 30-40 seconds is great. Capturing your clients feedback in a video about why they chose your product, how they find it or what they love about it, then your testimonial talks for itself.

Wherever you decide to share your testimonials, make sure you make it easy for people to reach out and find out more.

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