At Paiger, we’re helping recruiters regularly update LinkedIn with valuable content beyond the jobs they’re hiring for.

It’s really important for your long term strategy of candidate & client attraction, too many recruiters have a short term thinking and live month-to-month. Sound familiar?

If you place a candidate today, you need to give them a reason to stay connected with you. If all you’re doing is sharing jobs, they will disconnect or unfollow you and your opportunity to re-engage with them, later on in their career, has been lost.

The key to good content curation is personalisation. Whenever you have time, you should put your own thoughts or ask a question to drive further engagement.

For example, Evernote curates content from websites about creativity. Rather than sticking to just using the standard title, they come up with their own copy to bring it to life

You may hear a lot of people tell you that curating content is a bad thing and you need to be creating original content every single day.

In the words of the Internet:


If you can supplement curated content with your own stuff once a week, that’s fantastic & Paiger’s scheduler can help you set these up in advance too. But if we take the advice of Gary Vaynerchuck, everybody, including himself, should be doing more with curated content.

Gary Vee arguably has the biggest personal brand in the business world, and he admits he should be doing more with curated content

Paiger’s email to you every morning lets you queue content to your social media in one click, and add your own thoughts before it goes out – it’s a huge time saver but you do need to invest a couple of minutes to personalise the post if you want to get the most out of it.

Here are our top 5 tips on personalising content:


    1. Know Your Audience: It’s about them, not you – if you’re not seeing engagement, ensure the content you are sharing is what your connections want to see. You can work with the team at Paiger to review your sources any time, just give us a call.


    1. Add Commentary: β€œI thought this article was a good analysis of the challenges faced in our sector when it comes to XYZ”


    1. Add Context: β€œYou asked after our blog on ABC for some real-world examples, this article shares some thoughts on XYZ”.


    1. Add questions and conversation starters: β€œThis article from WEBSITE suggests that the best managers are information seekers. Do we agree? Can we do more to help?”


  1. If you don’t understand it, don’t share it. You don’t have to share every suggestion, take the time to read it and understand where you can add value through personalisation. If you can’t, that’s okay.


If you do the above consistently, you’ll see results from curated content. You might not see hundreds or thousands of views on every post but it’s important to remember that it is a long term strategy, it’s about making sure everyone sees you for more than a recruiter.

You know your industry and if they need a recruiter in that industry, you’re the person they can trust.

The candidate you placed a year ago knows they can go back to you rather than Indeed when they decide it’s time to move on.

That person you’ve been trying to cold call, is reminded to call you back or may take your call next time.

Don’t get too caught up on likes. You have better things to do with your time.

If someone does comment though, remember to comment back and create a conversation with them; it’ll boost your engagement but also help you solidify relationships.

Do you have any tips on using curated content? Leave a comment and let us know!

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