As a business, you may already be aware of some of the fundamental benefits of hiring a grad but let’s discuss this further. 

Not only are graduates immediately available, but they are also going to bring fresh, valuable ideas and skills to your business – whilst providing a great return on investment. 


Graduates are affordable – but the key is every grad wants to feel valued so keep it reasonable. The truth is, graduates know that their limited experience means no company has to pay them as much as an experienced worker – they are hungry for the experience. Somebody needs to give them that. Let it be you – the benefits are endless.

New perspective 

Whilst some may think, the most beneficial perspective is going to come from a highly experienced expert who has years of industry experience – and just to note, who will cost you substantially more, others know that this isn’t the case. 

Yes, the experience is great but bad habits, aren’t. 

Every grad has spent hours writing essays, challenging academics with supporting literature and thinking innovatively. As a graduate myself, university teaches you to recognise opportunity and overcome weaknesses – equipping you with the mindset of achieving and succeeding. Why would you not want to welcome that mindset into your workplace? 

The lack of experience 

Grads do lack experience. Nobody can argue that but it is also one of the biggest misconceptions. Yes, you are right, they may not have years of industry experience; they may not even truly understand your industry when they attend your interview but as an employer, times are changing

Graduates may lack experience in one specific industry – perhaps your industry, however, the opportunities graduates have at university nowadays are endless. Studying abroad, summer camps, volunteering, societies, charity balls… the list goes on. That experience has got to count for something, right? 

Those transferable skills are what you should be looking for. 

Grads in Recruitment

More graduates than ever are choosing a career in recruitment and you need to know why

The appeal is high; the role can be broad – grads like that. A broad role means grads have more opportunities to expand their skill set immediately. The scope of development and progression opportunities are apparent from the offset and that is what graduates look for.

Graduates are just starting out in the world of work – the variety in the work is an attraction. For a recruiter, it is a varied role. You have got targets to hit, meet candidates and clients whilst also having your own autonomy and flexibility. Graduates want this – they don’t want to be micromanaged. 

The challenge of Recruitment 

Independent, driven, creative and resilient – just a few essentials skills required to be a recruiter, yes? Well those exact skills are also required to successfully graduate university making a graduate the perfect fit for a job in recruitment. They are ready for the challenge. 


Give graduates a chance! Your ROI will be great, they are fresh out of studies and they have tonnes of skills – some that even your most experienced staff may not have. 

Some would say it’s a risk, others would say it’s an opportunity

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