Automatically advertise attractive & engaging jobs on Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn

Paiger will write your status update to create an engaging status with the job title, salary & location included.

Using your provided template, Paiger will overlay the job title and include the image on social to grab your candidate’s attention.

The right hashtags will be added to expand your reach & will be accompanied by a branded image. All of this means your jobs will see 2 x more engagement.

Paiger is proven to increase engagement & click-throughs to your jobs, while stopping your recruiters spending time on creative effort or struggling to follow brand guidelines.

social recruiting

Email Approval

If you have roles you might not want to advertise, or just want to remain in control your assistant can email you before each share so you have the final say

Choose A Frequency

Limit the number of jobs shared daily to ensure you never SPAM your network and get the right balance on social

Smart Safety Checks

Paiger will never share the same job in a seven day period to ensure you're always delivering new, valuable content

"One of the best things I’ve ever come across."

Recruiters love Paiger

Traffic is far more engaged and as a result is 60% more likely to undertake a meaningful action (apply for a job, register or contact us) than traffic which comes via other means.

What I’ve noticed so far is that my adverts have been shared on LinkedIn without me having to do anything. My views are up and my applications are up.

I have felt like I’m shooting in the dark a lot when it comes to marketing. Paiger is helping me get over that and more importantly I am “getting on with it!”

social recruiting
Automatic gender bias, spelling mistakes & swear word alerting ensures you never put a barrier up

Never put someone off applying for your jobs

Paiger understands which job adverts will stop females applying based on the research from the American Psychological Association and will alert you to which words require changing so you can fix your adverts.

Paiger will also alert you to any spelling errors & swear words in your job adverts so you can avoid any embarrassing situations.