Schedule in advance, discover content & grow your brand

Reach your candidates when you're not working

Set up your social media once and choose how often it should re-share.

Perfect for updating Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn at optimal times when you're often busy yourself.

Schedule once, and then forget about it

Schedule in advance and choose whether to re-share statuses weekly, monthly or daily.

Ideal for posting Sunday evenings when your potential talent are apprehensive about work the next day, for example.

Boot engagement with images & overlay text with ease

Upload from your PC, or choose from 1000s of images that you have the commercial rights to.

Overlay text with our built-in image editor so you don't need to rely on marketing.

What a brilliantly clever tool Paiger is! It saves so much time!
Shelli Gafan
Director, Advance in IT
Research & discover news about your industry and clients

Better prepare your candidates and know what your prospects are upto

Our powerful search let's you discover news, podcasts and YouTube videos about your industry, prospects and clients.

Message content to your prospects or candidates on WhatsApp, XING, WeChat, LinkedIn or Facebook Messenger in a single click to help you build better relationships.

Set up saved searches for lead generation to know when start ups in your industry have received funding and will be hiring.

If you see something you'd like to share on your social media you can schedule it to go out when you want.

I was looking for a solution both relevant to my challenges and recruitment and Paiger was by far the best solution and meets my needs. I would recommend it for all recruiters apart from my competitors (!)
Steven Hudson
Founder, Maslow Associates

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