Paiger sends your sales team an SMS or Email, and if they want to share, they simply reply yes.

Simple to use. No apps to install. No passwords to remember.

Provide your salespeople with an effortless way to participate in sharing company news, whitepapers and blog posts no matter where they are in the world.

Content Marketing
Schedule your content marketing in advance

Tag your colleagues & company pages into your posts on LinkedIn

The only marketing tool that lets you tag your colleagues and pages into your shares on LinkedIn to drive followers and views to your brand.

Paiger also allows you to schedule the 1st comment alongside your post to drive further engagement.


You never know your teams passwords

Your teams connect their social accounts using secure API access to LinkedIn & Twitter so you never have to share passwords again

No Embarrassing Situations

Your sales team approve posts so they know what they've shared on social and remain in control of their personal brand

GDPR Compliant

Your sales team choose how they want to be notified and opt-in to SMS alerts to their mobile phone and all data is stored inside the EU.

See the ROI of your marketing with ease

Your leaderboard allows you to see how well your team are performing and challenges them to compete. Easily see how many clicks, likes & comments your sales team’s posts are receiving.

Run in-depth reports to see who is sharing your company content, who is re-sharing with their own opinions or find out those who aren’t engaged.

For the first time, you will know your share rate and you can measure, test and improve your buy-in from the sales floor.

influencer marketing


more engagement vs brand shares
influencer marketing

Take control of your smarketing

Segment your team by department, location & custom tags to allow you to target your content to the relevant people.

Schedule your content sharing in advance, across different timezones and manage everything on an easy-to-use content planner.

Compare & report on traffic from Paiger inside your Analytics

Paiger will automatically add UTM tracking codes to your links so you can see the traffic your team produces and easily compare them against your other campaigns such as PPC or SEO.

Paiger is typically in the top 3 sources of traffic for your landing pages and has a low bounce rate when compared to other sources.



cheaper than the cost of PPC
Content Marketing
"Paiger is a no-brainer for any business"

What do our clients say?

We quickly started to see the benefits in our analytics, for any business looking to grow, Paiger is a must have!
Amy Butterfield, Marketing Manager
I have to say, I’ve never worked with a more agile tech business. They listen to your ideas and improve their service based upon them.
Sarah Wall, Marketing Director