Why You Should Be Sharing Evergreen Content On Your Personal LinkedIn

Why You Should Be Sharing Evergreen Content On Your Personal LinkedIn
Rohit Kapoor September 25, 2022 Marketing

Evergreen content is every marketer’s old faithful. Not only does it keep people coming to your site via search engines, but it’s also perfect for people within your organisation to keep on sharing over time. 


For those of you who aren’t sure exactly what we’re talking about: evergreen content is search-optimised content that stays relevant and fresh for readers over a long period of time. Basically, it doesn’t have an expiry date. Let us give you some examples.

  • Evergreen blog title: The benefits of remote working and why it’s so popular
  • Time-sensitive blog title: How Covid made remote working so popular in 2020


We aren’t saying you should completely disregard your company page on LinkedIn. Company pages are a great place to share branded content, company news, job adverts and other business updates. After all, if someone wants to know about your business, whether it’s a customer, a client or a potential colleague, it’s likely that they’ll visit your website and your LinkedIn company page. 


However, if you’re looking for your content to reach as many people as possible, company pages can be limiting (after all – your content is first tested with only 3% of your followers) and as we all know, when it comes to LinkedIn, people respond to people.


Ask yourself this question: Am I more likely to like, comment on or share a post from a person on LinkedIn, or a company page?


The likelihood is your answer will be a person. This is simply because you feel like you’re engaging with an actual person you can see, with a name and a photo, as opposed to a company page that is lacking the personal element.

Why should recruiters share evergreen content on their personal LinkedIn accounts?

Asking recruiters to share on social media, whether it’s company-branded content such as a blog or a video, or their own content that they have created, isn’t always a straightforward process. 


They need to truly see the value in personal branding to be able to do it consistently. (If this sounds familiar to you, make sure you check out our blog – there’s various posts on why recruiters should invest in their personal brand.)


If you’re wondering how to encourage recruiters to share content, we’re here to help. The benefits of sharing evergreen content on LinkedIn are almost endless:

  • Quick SEO improvements for your website - employee advocacy goes beyond their personal brand. It’s also great for your business overall. Creating evergreen content full of valuable keywords will help with your search rankings, as well as giving your recruiters valuable content to share time and time again.
  • Recruiters can build their personal brand with less effort - we all know how reluctant some recruiters can be when it comes to putting time aside to build their personal brand. Evergreen content gives them the opportunity to share content without having to constantly keep up with what’s going on that day or week, and share valuable information that doesn’t have a timeframe on it.
  • It improves personal brands AND website visits - evergreen content is multifaceted. It doesn’t just support your recruiters’ personal brands and give all your employees content to share on an ongoing basis. It also keeps the website visits coming in, no matter how long it’s been on your site.
  • It creates value for your audiences - of course, the most important point - your audiences will find value in the content you’re creating and sharing, and thus build up trust with you over time. Content isn’t just about getting your business name and recruiters’ names out there; it’s about providing your clients and candidates with valuable information.
  • It can generate leads for your recruiters - evergreen content being shared on LinkedIn is the perfect way for clients and candidates to either click on your recruiters’ profiles, or click through to the website. Either way, it’s a great prompt for potential clients and candidates to generate an enquiry.
  • There’s no limit on how many times it can be shared - the whole point of why evergreen content is that it doesn’t have an expiry date. You can share it once a week for the rest of your life if you want to! Content that isn’t time-sensitive, as long as it remains relevant and true, will be shareable for a very long time.

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