This week we tackled retargeting adverts, released our charity t-shirt campaign and had someone move through our MQL journey successfully. 


Our retargeting adverts are live across Facebook, Instagram, Google Display and LinkedIn. This means anyone who enters our website and looks at specific pages (campaign pages, case study or demo) and obtains a score, as a result, will see Paiger again across the internet.

The adverts we have gone for I believe are quite unique. Every advert I normally see for B2B businesses are quite bland and they look like adverts (something we started designing but realised it would not work for us).

Whereas we are lucky to have user-generated content (UGC) and it was Dave Gerhardt, former VP of Marketing at Drift and someone I hold in high regard posted saying UGC in B2B ads will work it just hadn’t been tested yet.

So we thought we would be the first to do it and make it work.

We have recordings of our case studies and we made sure that they weren’t polished, there was not the right lighting, it was just over Google Hangout, recorded and edited into short clips. It looks raw, it looks like a real conversation because it was.

So those videos are going out now and they seem really impactful, the feedback we have been getting so far is really fantastic. These videos are going out across Facebook and Instagram.

For Google Display, it’s a bit less involved than that, it’s a banner at the end of the day across websites but the brand recognition, the brand awareness is what’s important there.

We know that it takes multiple touchpoints for someone to trust us as a business and our retargeting campaigns are all about building up trust.

Now we’ve got all of our retargeting adverts set up but we still need to do our top of the funnel PPC ads and get the reach element.

But with our retargeting ads we wanted to have an easy way to report on it: how much we’ve spent, how many clicks, what conversions we’ve had etc. And we need this across all of the different sources we are using.

We’ve taken a trial of DashThis which so far seems fantastic. If like us you want to monitor your spend and conversions on retargeting and PPC, we can recommend this product.

Marketing T-Shirts For Mind

Next up is our t-shirt campaign. The t-shirts are launched and the feedback so far has been great. We are really excited to be raising money for Mind, the mental health charity and have some fun along the way.

So we’ve taken all of the marketing phrases that we know and love, ‘the colouring-in department’, ‘can you jazz it up’ and the feedback on LinkedIn has been fantastic. We’ve had some orders already, so we’re excited to continue this.

If anyone has any ideas reading this we can add them to the t-shirt store, just message me on LinkedIn.

You can get your t-shirt here.

Automated Marketing

We’re going live with our prospecting next week with ARM but the plumbing is all in place. You can’t build a house on sand so we’ve spent a lot of time getting the foundation in place and our MQL is set up.

We are very happy to say someone has successfully been through our journey. They downloaded our sales and marketing survey, they then went into our nurturing campaign in which they booked a demo and we’ve now got a proposal out to them. They aren’t a customer yet, but ARM is working.

Most importantly for us, they followed our journey and went through the steps as we had predicted which we think is pretty good considering it’s our first attempt at this.


Next week we’re looking to launch our top of the funnel prospecting after we’ve got the foundations in place it’s now time to build up the business.

We’re excited to see what comes of it.

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