Save Time. Increase Applicants. Win More Business.

Used by Recruitment Agencies worldwide to give their teams a competitive edge

Advertise jobs on social media in the most engaging way without doing a thing

Using AI, Paiger will write your status update to create an engaging status with the job title, salary & location included.

The right hashtags will be added to expand your reach.

Accompanied by a branded image, your jobs will see 2 x more engagement.

Your recruiters don't have to do a thing but they can have an email approval if they would like to remain in control.

  • Save time for your recruiters & marketing
  • Reach beyond your 1st degree connections
  • Boost engagement by x 2
  • Always follow your brand guidelines
  • Direct traffic back to your own website

Traffic is far more engaged and as a result is 60% more likely to undertake a meaningful action (apply for a job, register or contact us) than traffic which comes via other means.
Robert Woodford
Recruitment Marketing Consultant

Increase your talent pool by automatically checking your jobs for Gender Bias

Paiger understands which job adverts will put females off from applying and will alert you to which words require changing so you can fix your adverts easily.

Gender-neutral jobs increase your applicant pool and help you win more business.

Stand out from competitors when talking to HR

Win more retained business

 Don’t change a thing about how you currently work

What I’ve noticed so far is that my adverts have been shared on LinkedIn without me having to do anything. My views are up and my applications are up.
Simon Trebilcock
Recruiter, Barrington James
Improve your SEO and avoid embarrassment

Be alerted to spelling mistakes & swear words

Would you trust your career with someone who cannot spell?

Paiger will alert you to any spelling errors with your job adverts so you can take action.

Alongside this, your adverts will be monitored for swear words to ensure you never have a potentially brand damaging situation.

We work with recruiters all over the world

Recruiters are saving time every day, attracting quality applicants and winning more business thanks to Paiger.

Save time. Attract quality applicants. Win more business.

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