When we started this journey two months ago we had a lot of ideas and after being quiet for a couple of weeks I’m excited to give you an in-depth update.

You’ve got partnership marketing, automated marketing, Facebook ads, building up a custom audience and lead scoring.

Each of these are not completely finished yet or set in stone, but with each week we are learning something new and adapting the website based on our customer feedback.

The past two weeks a lot has been falling into place.

Partnership Marketing

We currently power the news widget within SourceBreaker and we are really aligned with our customers, with SourceBreaker working with recruitment agencies and we work with over 200 recruitment agencies.

So, were excited that this partnership should get our name out into the recruitment space even more via email marketing based on different personas we work with.

We’ve created two emails to target small and large recruitment businesses.

Facebook Ads

Our first set of Facebook ads are live (keep an eye out on your Facebook and Instagram feeds), with case study snippets being promoted to show how our customers benefit from the product.

We’ve spent a lot of time designing adverts in Canva, making sure they were on brand, attention grabbing etc. and at the very last minute we decided to change strategy.

For a while we haven’t been overly salesy on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter, which is why we thought changing that strategy for our ads was right.

But after seeing a post on LinkedIn about user generated content (UGC) we decided to change our plan to first showing our customers opinions of the product and their success with it, before we jump straight into selling.

We are quite lucky as a B2B company to have UGC and there is no better advert than UGC because it’s an actual customer talking about the product and how it worked for them which you can’t do in Canva.

It’s really exciting being able to use UGC in our adverts and as a B2B business we think that’s quite unique.

Watch one of the ads here.

Automated Marketing

Next up we finalised our system on Marmalde Marketing’s Automated Marketing system. It’s the first time in our journey that we become salesy.

We’ll say it again… ARM is ready to go.

The biggest thing for us with ARM is that we can plug this system into our Facebook page. This combined with our lead scores based on interaction with our awareness content. Once we are happy they have moved from aware to interested we are going to retarget them with adverts to encourage them to book a demo.

It’s the first time in that journey with us that we become salesy. 

We’ve not tried to sell until we have built up trust with people and showed enough value that they know our brand, they know our name and that’s a really key part. We are going to using Facebook ads combined with ARM to achieve that, moving away from phone calls.

Marketing T-Shirts

We’re launching our charity campaign next week with Teemill and all profits are being donated to Mind, the mental health charity.

As a subscriber to the open source marketing, you can receive early access to the website before we shout about it on socials.

Are you frustrated with your business not understanding marketing? Then we have a t-shirt for you. And all profit is being donated to Mind, the mental health charity.

For too long, marketing and marketers have been subject to labelling that demotes what we do and achieve. It’s time to call it out. No more Mr(s) nice marketer.

You can get yours here.

We are adjusting our overall social strategy starting now to post more, good quality content that will give the LinkedIn community something of benefit. Using Paiger to push our own blogs, company content, and external articles.

This week has been exciting and we are starting to see our efforts coming together.

As for next week we are planning to officially launch our email marketing campaign through ARM, introduce more of our Facebook/ Instagram ads, start pushing our Teemill campaign and get cracking with SEO.

I look forward to showing you how we get on.

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