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What do our clients say?

We’ve been trying to find ways to get our sales teams more active on social channels but until Paiger we’ve struggled.

James Marscheider, Marketing Director, CloudCall


I’m very dubious of any solution which claims to save you time and money. However, Paiger absolutely delivers in automating our sales / marketing activities.
Ricky Martin, CEO, Hyper Recruitment Solutions
Stop sending an internal email & hoping your sales team will share it

Dramatically increase your content reach, website traffic and Sales leads

Provide your sales team with an effortless way to share company news, whitepapers, and blog posts. Paiger allows you to tap into your sales teams networks, with an unprecedented 97% open rate.

7 x more engagement

Content shared via Paiger sees more likes, comments and clicks when compared to your company efforts alone.


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