Like other great companies, Paiger started in a shed...

Darren & Rohit when Paiger won APSCo's Innovator of the Year in 2019

Paiger was born when our co-founders noticed a shift in the way people prospected, attracted talent & built their businesses. Having worked at one of the world’s largest recruitment tools for years, although we’re a startup, there is decades of experience behind the Paiger team.

Alongside the likes of Walt Disney, Apple and Dyson, Paiger’s first office was Darren’s shed, and to make things really interesting, at the time, Darren’s wife was 3 months pregnant too.

Fast forward to today and Paiger supports businesses in multiple countries, has won multiple awards and even has an office.

Growing over 100% YoY, Paiger is on track to be a real force in the B2B marketing world. We’re documenting everything along the way and you can follow along here.

William was born 6 months into Paiger's journey

And William is doing great too!

A few weeks before Darren handed in his notice as CTO of Broadbean, they found out his wife was pregnant with his second child. For anyone else, this would have been a reason not to quit a steady-income and go on a crazy startup journey, but for Darren, it was the motivation he needed.

To find out more about why Paiger was founded, you can read Darren’s blog post here.