As some of you may remember, Paiger undertook a significant rebrand in 2019 from formerly known ‘Content App’ to ‘Paiger’. The journey was interesting and stressful (to say the least), so we want to share our journey with you. 

The idea behind rebranding is often to create a different identity for a brand, from its competitors within the market. For Paiger, it was very much a process to match our identity with the product that we had developed over time.

Let’s start with the why. 

When starting a business, one of the fundamental errors most people (including myself) make is spending too much time perfecting the name, logo and all brand details. In reality, it can all be changed and normally is! From quite early on, I always knew that ‘Content App’ would undergo a brand refresh – the name, the logo etc just wasn’t right and now, 2 years later, I can admit, we got it wrong. 

As the product evolved, the name no longer made sense. We started with a product that primarily delivered content to our customers, but as additional features were introduced, it was no longer the primary feature of the platform. When starting the business, we always had an app in our long term vision but to this day, an app has never been requested. We made an assumption that the market wanted an app and they didn’t. 

I personally feel like there were many contributing factors towards prompting the brand refresh. The name didn’t match both the product and goal I had in mind going forward and I knew it was time when people thought we were from ‘continent app’ – such a conversation killer. 

So, what was our rebrand strategy? 

Firstly, we worked out our unique selling points (USP’s) and for us, we consider the SMS delivery mechanism one of our main USP’s. Keeping this in mind, we mapped out each of our target personas and how that USP impacts on each of them. 

With one of our personas being salespeople, we investigated their attributes and concluded that they are always ‘too busy’. We started to explore who else shares the same attributes as a salesperson and whilst being extremely different in nature, we decided that possibly one of the busiest professions in the UK is an NHS Doctor. With current circumstances, this conclusion couldn’t be more appropriate, therefore, we explored the role of an NHS doctor and most importantly, how they are notified in a matter of urgency. 

It’s a Pager! For those who can’t remember exactly what a Pager is – it’s a wireless telecommunications device that receives and displays alphanumeric or voice messages. These devices are predominantly used to capture the attention of a busy doctor in a situation of emergency. 

With a Pager capturing the attention of a doctor, we were able to synoptically link that our platform is also trying to capture the attention of a busy individual; our persona’s. Therefore, we decided to introduce a modern day Pager! 

How did we carry out the company rebrand?

The first thing we did was look for the domain name. We previously had the domain name of contentapp.ai and I was certain that I didn’t want to lose the ‘AI’ aspect completely. However, if the domain isn’t there, your hand is forced. 

Finding the right domain was one of the biggest challenges we experienced throughout the entire rebrand process, but after quite some time, we decided to develop the word Pager by incorporating the AI aspect that we didn’t want to lose – as a result, Paiger was born. 

After deciding that Paiger was the most suitable name for the company, it meant that we had gained access to the domain name www.Paiger.co.uk. However, I didn’t want to limit ourselves to just the UK market and with our overseas office based in California, it wasn’t right to become www.paiger.co.uk.

One of the biggest challenges you will face is if the domain name you had in mind isn’t available. You’re forced to change the rebrand entirely. Therefore, my advice would be not to set your heart on a particular domain, because you might not be that lucky. 

The Logo

As part of the company rebrand, we had to change our logo. My personal advice to anyone going through this process right now is to give yourself a variety of logos to choose from – it gives you the power to decide and opportunity to visualise your future brand.

When it comes to the logo, you do have options. If you’re a designer yourself, you can use software such as Adobe Illustrator, however, if you’re not – there are websites out there such as www.fiver.com who offer this service. 

Make sure your logo works with social media (a square logo works well) and this is something that we had to work out during our rebranding process. In order to make sure we had the right logo for social media, we decided to incorporate our assistant mascot from ContentApp into Paiger. 

Notify your customers 

Another major error that can be made when rebranding is not notifying your customers well enough afterwards. The last thing you want to do is call your clients and they question who you actually are. 

We use a product called Intercom which allows us to segment our clients by location, activity, account type etc. Therefore, we were able to quickly notify all of our clients by sending an email via Intercom introducing our current clients to Paiger. 

A rebrand is undeniably stressful, however, I am thankful that finance and operation departments deal with the ‘harder’ part of a rebrand such as registering at Companies House, changing invoicing system and notifying HMRC etc. 

SEO & Website Traffic

A website relaunch will form part of your rebrand and the main thing you must get right at this stage is to add 301 redirect links on your current website. This is possibly one of the most important parts of the entire rebranding process – it passes 99% of link equity which can also be referred to as ranking power to the new web page. 

If you don’t, you can expect to see your website traffic fall off a cliff over night. 

There are lots of migrating software out there to migrate content easily onto your new website, WordPress in particular makes this process easy and luckily, Paiger is a WordPress site. 


A company rebrand is one of the most stressful experiences I have been through, throughout my working career. However, it does pass and it will all be worth it in the end. 

Paiger has become a go-to smarketing platform for hundreds of businesses and after multiple mistakes, Paiger’s brand finally works for the product. 

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