Take the hassle out of finding content to share

Train Paiger on the content you consume and we'll curate a daily morning email with content to share out on your personal profile.

  • News, Podcast, YouTube
  • Queue your content
  • Access our bank of website sources for your niche
  • LinkedIn Partners: remove negative news, keyword filters

Never forget to update your social media

If you don’t have anything scheduled, Paiger will choose something for you, add the right hashtags to reach more people and choose the best time to share.

Paiger will then notify you by email or SMS so you can approve it before it goes out, no matter where you are in the world.


Access to a full social media scheduler

Schedule content at a time that works around you. All managed in one simple to use tool. 

  • Share to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram
  • Images, text, gifs and branded subtitled videos
  • Direct from Canva
  • Hashtag suggestions & research
  • Categorise
  • LinkedIn Partners: company and personal tagging, schedule 1st comment

Branded links that are LinkedIn ready

Get branded links that go directly back to your website pages and feature on your LinkedIn profile.

  • GIF's and Images
  • UTM shortener, campaign image generator and LinkedIn profile feature

Support your colleagues

Reach a bigger audience by liking or commenting on their post to reach your network and add further credibility. 

Never miss an update from your colleagues again. 


Learn what works and what doesn't

See your top posts, track likes and comments to post more of what your audience loves.


Every feature you'll need to build your personal brand:

LinkedIn Training

Become a personal branding expert

Daily Morning Email

Receive a daily email with content

Tagging on LinkedIn

Tag companies and individuals

Video Creation

Post branded videos, subtitled

Content Curation

Via news, podcasts, YouTube and more!

Content Queuing

Not ready to post it now, add to queue!

Content Scheduler

LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

Branded Feature Links

That are LinkedIn ready

SMS Notifcations

Simply reply YES and post!

Chrome Extension

Share directly from any website

Team LinkedIn Wall

Support your colleagues online

Email Notifications

Simply click SHARE and post!

Advanced Reporting

See key ROI reports based on shares

Paiger TV

Leaderboard results on office TV's via cube19

Start building your personal brand​