Today, we’re excited to announce our integration and partnership with idibu.

idibu is a next-gen candidate attraction platform designed to maximise your Recruitment CRM, and Paiger is an award-winning marketing tool that is proven to maximise your ROI from LinkedIn. Plugging the two together gives your recruiters a seamless workflow, one place to report and lets you attract better quality candidates.

It’s no secret that your recruiters have far more reach than your company page, in fact, they see 8 x more engagement and 10 x more reach. For a long time we have considered social media marketing to be sharing to our company profiles, but the statistics make it clear that recruitment agencies need to be investing in their recruiter’s personal brands too.

Paiger is built to allow recruiters to build their personal brands in just 30 seconds a day and then utilises those brands to attract applicants to your jobs. Gordon Webb, idibu’s UK Sales Manager commented:

“Although idibu allow’s recruiters to post to LinkedIn we saw real value in what the Darren and team at Paiger were doing.¬† Partnering with Paiger¬†will not only allow our customers to fully brand the jobs they share on social media, it will also allow them to attract passive candidates through previously shared content, both systems complement each other perfectly”

Outside of your staff, operational costs and CRM; LinkedIn is often the biggest expenditure in tooling for your recruiters and Paiger’s primary focus is to maximise that spend with 2x more click through’s being seen when compared to sharing to company pages alone.

The integration with idibu allows you to compare your LinkedIn/Paiger ROI alongside your job board spend and ensures your recruiter’s workflows remain the same so you can benefit without any change to your processes.

Darren Westall, Managing Director of Paiger said:

“For a long time, in my previous career (As CTO of Broadbean) I watched idibu from afar. Recently I have got to know Gordon and the team and I have been very impressed with their level of CRM integration and customer base. It is a pleasure to partner with them to ensure our mutual customers have the latest in cutting edge recruitment technology while keeping things simple”

If you’re an idibu customer and want to benefit from Paiger, you can request a demo here. Mention this article for something special.

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