Week 2 saw a week of dipping our toes into what will become a big job of ours: setting up the ARM (automated recruitment marketing) system from Marmalade Marketing and Google ad words. 

Automated Recruitment Marketing

What we understood of marketing automation was a platform that would allow us to organise our marketing efforts in one place. This would move to be more important as our marketing efforts increase, in particular, with email marketing. 

Our goal is to have email marketing to our partners, current customers and prospective clients at least once a month. ARM is a great tool to help us do this by tracking and changing as time goes on. 

If we could get our email marketing flow in one place to easily track and add to, it would make our lives much easier in the future. But it will take time now to get it set up and get automated. 

Coincidentally marketing automation is number two on our keywords to hit based on volume and search competition. Which leads us nicely into our SEO strategy plans which we’ll discuss next week. 

The first step this week was a meeting with Kieron Mayers, the recruitment marketing director at Marmalade Marketing. Both companies are on the same page about growth possibilities and we are going all in with our marketing automation on the ARM system. 

Although recommended for recruitment purposes, the system is set up in a way that allows us to use it for marketing purposes not recruitment. Also marketing as well as recruitment sales is something Marmalade is trying to move towards so we hope to make a good case study for them. 

This meant moving our current mailing groups over from MailerLite to Marmalade Marketing’s ARM system. Explained to be easier than we thought, it would involve transferring whole groups across and creating templates based on emails we had sent out previously on MailerLite. 

Complete honesty, we’ve sent out less than 10 follow up emails on MailerLite, two of those being to subscribers to Open Sourcing… 

So we are near enough starting our email marketing from now, sorry! 

A key part of the system that sold it to us is the easy use via the look. As visual workers, the flow of emails is easy to see with boxes:

Email → time lapse → next email → filters out etc. 

However, when we started setting up our campaigns, we spent half a day setting up three landing pages, follow up pages and the email itself. This frustrated the team as we were used to being quick with each thing we had completed previously. 

After this slow approach we went back to our marketing funnel to assess where and how this system would fit with a new and improved funnel:

After a slow Thursday morning, we wanted to move onwards and upwards in our plans, leaving ARM until we could have training on the system by spending some money on AdWords 😂 .


We started by using a marketing email ad account to start the process, going in blind with the themes we wanted to hit being:

  • Content marketing,
  • Social selling and,
  • Content curation

We thought about b2b content marketing, but at a click value estimated at £9 and a low budget we’ve stayed away for now. 

After a minor bump in the road of realising we couldn’t track this process on Google Analytics because the marketing email account wasn’t an admin… we moved back to the beginning and created another campaign with our admin email account. 

We went back to the drawing board by watching a demo from ‘Girls In Marketing’ from a webinar they had completed the evening before – coincidence! They outlined the general process of setting up AdWords and we concluded that we had almost paid for themes when we actually wanted to pay for words specifically. Almost burnt through our first budget, whoops 😬 .

So our process then became:

  • Setting up a campaign for words NOT themes, 
  • Setting the location to the UK as a whole not worldwide – we didn’t want to burn our budget again, 
  • Decided the amount we are willing to lose in our first month is around £500 – subject to change I’m sure if we are successful or failing after 2 weeks and 
  • Targeting words ‘content curation, content marketing, social selling and Pager’ – we think people are searching for us, but spelling Paiger without the I

We’ll need to carefully track our spend→ demo conversion, but we hope for positive results 🤞.

If you’d like to hear more about our marketing automation, adwords or the journey in general, feel free to message me on LinkedIn.

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