The core of your business; in fact, any business is your workforce. They are crucial to your company’s survival. In light of the current circumstances and a majority of the UK workforce, where possible, shifting to working from home – managing morale has never been so important.

By boosting morale and motivation, you will instantly increase your employees productivity. During this time, being productive is absolutely essential for both business success and personal wellbeing.

Let’s dive straight into looking at the best ways to keep morale high during this very strange time.

  1. Continue to acknowledge achievements 

Make sure you continue to recognise your employees achievements and milestones, despite all working from different locations. This is a great way to ensure your employees feel valued but also encourages a team spirit across the entire business.

In uncertain times, positivity is key. Collectively, coming together and celebrating success will bring you closer as a team and encourage other employees to work towards the same goal.

2. Friendly Relaxed Environment 

Every employee spends around eight hours a day working, therefore, eight hours a day when working from home can seem very overwhelming; especially at first.

Encourage regular breaks, for team meetings, chats or exercise. Mix it up daily and be open to flexibility. 

Whilst, work should always take priority, make sure you don’t form the habit of only discussing work related topics when dialling into video conferences or chats with your team. Allow time to talk about non-work related topics too, just like you would if you were in the office. This could be anything from your evening routine or family life to playing a random game like charades (and discovering the terrible acting skills across your team!)

This downtime discussion allows you to all connect as a team and maintain an element of normality (despite, current circumstances making that almost impossible). 

3. Set Goals

Setting daily goals is a great way to maintain a healthy wellbeing. This can be from a business or personal perspective. Remember – don’t overwhelm yourself with trying to do too much!

By setting 3-4 realistic goals daily means, not only are they achievable but you will naturally feel more productive working towards a goal. This may be set by each individual or as an employer, you may choose to work with your employees on setting these (try to avoid micromanaging. Your employees will want to feel trusted, especially when working from home).

By introducing daily or weekly goals means every week, you can come together as a team and discuss these as one.

4. Communication

A common theme amongst all of these tips is communication! 

Communication is potentially the most important factor when it comes to keeping morale high. A lot of software like Slack encourages company wide communication whilst allowing you to separate work and non-work related conversations. It is most definitely worthwhile setting up a software like this, if you haven’t already. 

Motivation and morale is a huge contributing factor when it comes to the success of a business. The survival of your business depends upon your employees and by introducing or emphasising these very basic tips will truly ensure your employees are motivated and productive!

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