We’re seriously excited to announce this. It’s our most requested feature and it’s finally here.

You can now tag your colleagues and company pages on your scheduled LinkedIn posts! I repeat, this is not a drill.

Paiger allows you to schedule your LinkedIn status updates in advance, and tag your company page and colleagues into the posts.

For existing customers, this is available in your account immediately and it’s so easy to use. All you need to do is include your company name in your status update, or your colleague’s name and they’ll be automatically converted to tags on LinkedIn.

This is a seriously powerful feature for B2B marketers, Paiger is used by hundreds of marketing professionals to tap into their sales team’s networks – with traffic from Paiger typically in the top 3 of referral sites for our customer’s websites.

Marketers can now use their sales teams networks to drive engagement to their LinkedIn company page, increase followers and the impact of their scheduled LinkedIn posts.

You may be scheduling a piece of content that one of your salespeople have written (You’re an incredibly lucky marketer if this is the case and many will envy you!) – now you can tag them into this directly from your social media scheduler so they can be notified when it’s gone out and easily comment on your share immediately.

Every time you mention a colleague in your post, they get a real-time notification. The tag also links to their profile, allowing those reading through the post or discussion to visit their profile directly. This is a fantastic way to convert LinkedIn followers into sales conversations.

To our customers and marketers that have been asking for so long for LinkedIn Tagging for their scheduled posts, I’m so happy to say the answer is, finally, yes.

You can tag your colleagues and company pages into your scheduled LinkedIn posts!

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