In this episode of Beer With Darren, I spoke to Kris Holland about how marketers can build their relationship with sales via gaining respect.

Kris is Head of Marketing at Charlton Morris after working his way from an executive level. Having previously worked in sales, Kris understands the pain points his sales team has and can give better solutions to solve these having been there himself.

We discuss the use of the term ‘marketing girl or girls’, which Kris concludes as a lack of respect for many marketing teams in the industry.

So his advice is to gain respect early on is not completing the minor jobs or touch-ups which the sales team can do themselves, with the results showing a better relationship between marketing and sales.

Kris goes against the typical idea that if your CEO isn’t on board with marketing changes to get a new job. Instead, he suggests you should be up for the challenge as the reward of convincing the colleagues who are skeptical can be extremely rewarding.

Watch the full episode here:



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