In light of the current circumstances, right now is the perfect time to wow your customers and build strong relationships for the future.

Going above and beyond could make a substantial difference to your business and reputation. Delivering customer service and support which your client’s expect, will have a long lasting effect and your business will thrive, as a result.

So, the question is what makes excellent customer service? 

Be friendly 

At the end of the day, everyone is human and sometimes, a chat is all people want. Building a friendly rapport with your customers is a great way to remind them that you are always approachable and there, when they may need help.

Be understanding of your customers, listen and take on board their ideas. If they provide feedback, you should make sure it’s acted upon!

Easy access to support 

Make it easy for your clients to contact support should any problems arise. By providing efficient support services, means that your customers queries or concerns are resolved in the quickest time possible. Always remember, bad customer service will spread a lot quicker than good within your market. Make sure your customers are giving you a positive reputation.


Speedy responses are key. Your customers don’t want to (and shouldn’t have to) wait days for a response to a support request or general question. If the question or request requires background work, then keep your client up to date with developments – they’ll appreciate knowing where their request is at, rather than not hearing at all.

Set realistic expectations 

By setting realistic expectations, you give yourself a much better chance of surpassing them. By doing this, you will delight your customers when you deliver the request faster than originally planned; but you also give yourself time to resolve any potential issue that may occur during that time. 

Catch up from time to time

Put all selling motives to one side and follow up with your customers from time to time. By giving them an unexpected call to find out how everything is going when they least expect it is a great way to demonstrate excellent customer service. It will go a long way in cementing your relationship. This exercise will help in two very important ways:

  1. If they are having problems or raise any concerns, you can help straight away whilst you are on the phone. If that’s not possible, then be understanding and efficient in providing a solution.
  2. If your customer is happy with everything, then your call will give them the satisfaction of knowing you’re thinking about them and that you care.

As well as doing all of the above for your current clients, make sure you also focus on building new relationships for the future. In the uncertain times that we are facing right now, selling becomes very unlikely. 

It is crucial to ensure that your brand is still visible and active whilst you build these key relationships for the future. This will help ensure that your business comes out stronger in the long term.

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