Paiger is a tool for marketing and sales people and Paiger Meet is built to allow the two to work together further down the funnel for the first time.

Give your salesperson a dedicated, fully brandable chat room that works on any device, supports screen sharing and is easily shareable by WhatsApp, LinkedIn, XING & Messenger. With no need to install any software for your clients, Paiger Meet makes joining a call as simple as clicking a URL.

For Marketers, Meet allows you to include retargeting on the conversations your sales team are having so you can close more deals. By retargeting adverts after a call, you can decrease your time to close. 

Welcome to Paiger Meet

With Paiger Meet being extremely easy to navigate and utilise, we believe this is a must have tool for marketers and sales people to work together like never before.

Paiger Meet is officially in BETA and we are looking for testers. If you’d like to be involved in Paiger Meet BETA testing, please drop an email to [email protected] (or use the live chat box below). 

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