Influencer marketing
Paiger sends your influencers an SMS or Email when you want them to share and they can action in one click

Easiest Influencer Platform On The Market. See Share Rates Go Up 80%.

Provide your influencers with an effortless way to participate in sharing company news, events, whitepapers and blog posts no matter where they are in the world.

Monitor the share rate, comments, clicks and overall engagement

See the ROI of your influencer marketing

Your leaderboard allows you to see how well your influencers are performing. Easily see how many clicks, likes & comments your their posts are receiving.

Run in-depth reports to see who is sharing your company content, who is re-sharing with their own opinions or find out the influencers who aren’t as engaged.

influencer marketing
influencer marketing
Boost your reputation with established influencer networks

Promote your brand with the right ambassadors

Increase engagement by providing challenges for your influencers to compete adding gamification to the process.

Use key ambassadors as a marketing tool to tap into new fan bases with consistent messaging.

A very simple process to give people a really quick way to share our content

How a recruitment events company use paiger to create word-of-mouth marketing

“A key feature for me was the text messaging part – the fact you could reply yes to the text message and that post went out was something I thought was really good and easy” – Jamie Leonard, CEO

influencer marketing.