With Christmas well and truly over, it’s time to get on top of your recruitment business to prepare for the year ahead. Follow our top tips for managing your business in 2020.

1. Get organised

January can sometimes be a slow month; 31 days has never felt so long! So, take advantage of this and use this time to get organised. Catch up on any important tasks you didn’t have time to complete towards the end of the year. Whether you need to prepare for a big recruitment drive or just a catch up with clients, you’ll feel much more organised once you’re on top of all your tasks.

2. Stay engaged with social media

Plan your content and schedule regular posts for the weeks and months ahead. January is a great time to share your social media content and be back in the minds of your target audience – this may even lead to links with potential candidates or clients in 2020.

3. Embrace the new year

We are halfway through the first month of 2020 and the idea of “New Year, New You” is still very popular (even if your health kick has failed). January can be a great time to capture the attention of those looking for a new career or challenge. Use this time to connect with potential candidates and advertise your jobs.

4. Set yourself some goals

It’s time to set some measurable targets for the next 12 months. Ask yourself what recruitment targets you want to hit in 2020. E.g. send out more CVs or conduct more 1st and 2nd interviews.

5. Take some time to reflect

While it’s great to use this month to get organised and complete those tasks you’ve been putting off for months, it’s also important to reflect on last year. What went well and what parts of your business could you improve on? Looking back at your successes and learning from your mistakes will hopefully inspire you to push your business to greater heights in 2020.

If you need some help with your business goals, get in touch with Paiger. Whether you’d like to engage more with potential candidates on social media or make your employee engagement more effective, the experts at Paiger can help.

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