Promoting diversity in the workplace in good for you and good for your employees. Not only will it help to build a strong and positive working environment, but it will also provide you with a diverse range of personalities and backgrounds to work with. Encourage diversity and the benefits will follow.

Educate yourself

Educating yourself and your team leaders about working with other cultures should always be number one on your list of priorities. You may even want to adopt diversity training across the board to all employees; unconscious bias isn’t usually obvious, therefore, training like this can help bring cultures together.

Celebrate diversity

Almost every office in the UK holds a Christmas party in December and some even celebrate Easter and other Christian dates. It’s time to celebrate all celebrations and foster a more inclusive atmosphere by adding other celebration dates in your calendar, too. Last year, Paiger celebrated Diwali.

Promote agile working

Agile working, which allows your employees to work where and when they want, where possible, is key to promoting cultural and economic diversity in the workplace. It allows employees more flexibility; working mothers have the ability to work around childcare and employees can participate in religious observations. It’s not always easy to implement, however, giving your employees this flexibility to work around their personal timetables will instantly promote diversity and even boost staff satisfaction and productivity rates.

Create more routes into careers with you

Diversity is, ultimately, about allowing people with different backgrounds the same chance and celebrating our differences as well as our similarities. Nowadays, many businesses are offering alternative routes into work – this could be via internships, apprenticeships, graduate programmes etc. This means as a business, you can support new employees, embrace their knowledge and work with a range of skills and strengths, whilst diversifying the workforce at the same time.

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