Yes. Give something away to gain clients.

A very short and sweet opening but in this blog, we are going to be discussing all things lead generation and how the use of content can help! 

98% of people who visit your website will leave without taking any action. A shocking statistic considering the time and money invested in your website. It’s time to change that. 

You have approximately 2 minutes to capture the interest and attention of your website visitors, 120 seconds to make an impact. 

The best way to do this is to give them something (everyone loves a freebie). The most effective way is to offer both free and ‘gated’ content. The information must provide value to your website visitors; it must be something they are interested in reading about – especially when it comes to ‘gated’ content. ‘Gated’ content is a great way to capture your website visitors’ contact details as the content they are keen to read is hidden behind a virtual gate. 

If the content is interesting enough, they will exchange their contact details to read.

People will visit your website to find out more information, they might not necessarily be in a position to buy, however, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try and form a relationship with them. By providing industry insightful content, you look like the expert to your website visitors and they will be more likely to return.

Building this relationship is crucial because not only will that person return to your website if they are interested in your information, but they may even pass on your information to people, who are just like them. Marketing reach instantly expanded, for free!

Customers who engage in your content are 5 times more likely to buy than if they are approached directly. Strategically, your content can generate your leads!

It is also proven that if they actively engaged with your content before purchasing, they are 94% more satisfied and almost 95% more likely to spread the word!

Although, remember your content is not a sales message. Be insightful, knowledgeable and informative!

Before you rush to generate content, you need to understand your customer’s needs. You need to discover the questions which they would like the answer to. Once you know that, your content will be a success. 

Top tip, make it easy for your visitors to share the content. A share equals more views, which may equal more leads! 

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