As we can all appreciate, the topic of gender bias is extremely relevant and important within today’s society – are you confident to say you have the correct checks in place on your job adverts?

A very insightful and in-depth study was produced by Danielle Gaucher and Justin Friesen, University of Waterloo and Aaron C. Kay, Duke University in the Journal of Personality and Psychology which explored the impact that certain words had on both genders when applying for jobs.

The study concludes that in fact, females can be put off from applying if 6 or more certain masculine words are included within the job advertisement, however, interestingly the same doesn’t apply for males.

Surprisingly, this study proves that words such as confident, determined and challenge all put females off from applying to a job. The full list will be included below. 

For industries such as technology, IT or construction (just to name a few), which have predominantly been more male dominate in previous years, this is extremely valuable. 

Why did Paiger create a gender bias tool?

This feature was created primarily due to our CEO, Darren Westall’s frustration within his previous role of CTO at Broadbean Technology. Darren found that it was incredibly hard to find female developers and it was very common that a lot of people believed the theory of “if they are out there, we will find them”. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the answer Darren wanted. 

It would have been much more reassuring being able to confidently confirm that the correct checks were in place so that females would never be put off from applying to the role.

Today, Paiger is helping over 150 recruitment companies never put females off from applying. Paiger’s automatic gender bias tool checks every job advert and alerts the consultant if their job is heavily masculine coded. This allows the recruiter, not only to efficiently take action if needed but it is an incredible sales tool when talking to HR directors/hiring managers. 

If you are interested in reading the full study, click here

If you would like Paiger to help you ensure you have these checks in place, we’d love to chat with you. Please visit our website here 

Masculine coded words:

  • Active
  • Adventurous
  • Agress*
  • Ambitio*
  • Analy*
  • Asset*
  • Athlet*
  • Autonom*
  • Boast*
  • Challeng*
  • Compet*
  • Confident
  • Courag*
  • Decide
  • Decisive
  • Decision*
  • Determin*
  • Dominant
  • Domina*
  • Force*
  • Greedy*
  • Headstrong
  • Hierarch*
  • Hostil*
  • Implusive
  • Independen*
  • Individual*
  • Intellect*
  • Lead*
  • Logic
  • Masculine
  • Objective
  • Opinion
  • Outspoken
  • Persist
  • Principle*
  • Reckless
  • Stubborn
  • Superior
  • Self-confiden*
  • Self-sufficien*
  • Self-relian*

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