This week we tackled retargeting adverts, released our charity t-shirt campaign and had someone move through our MQL journey successfully. 
partnership marketing
When we started this journey two months ago we had a lot of ideas and after being quiet for a
I want to start off by saying this week has been tough. I've been balancing some personal issues with my
Today, Paiger is used by marketers and business owners across the world to get their salespeople sharing marketing content.  But
Although not a lot ‘happened’ this week in terms of listing each of our activities, instead, we started to nail
When we started this journey we promised absolute transparency, so let me start by saying last week was so *insert
Week 2 saw a week of dipping our toes into what will become a big job of ours: setting up
Beginning our marketing journey was daunting, we are very ambitious so our first thought was to get everything done now