Use your team's networks to grow your website traffic

Provide your employees with an effortless way to participate in sharing company news, whitepapers, jobs and blog posts on social channels allowing you to tap into previously inactive ambassadors, with an unprecedented 97% open rate.

Paiger will deliver them an SMS, and if they want to share, they simply reply yes.

Say goodbye to sending an email around the office and crossing your fingers.🤞

Share to all or particular segments of your team’s social media profiles to achieve relevant messaging.

Employees no longer question what to share and what not to share as it’s controlled by the pros.

Employee participation is increased as they only have to respond to a text message to approve & they remain in control.

We get more of your workforce engaged in your content than any other platform

1 %
Open Rate

And we get the highest number actually sharing your content, not just viewing it.

1 %
Response Rate

See who said yes, no or update with ease

Gain insights into your employee advocacy

Your leaderboard allows you to see how well they’re performing against each other and challenges them to compete.

Run detailed reports to see who is sharing your company content, who is re-sharing with their own opinions or find out those who aren’t engaged.

We're hiring

Increase referrals to your jobs

78% of recruiters find their best quality of candidates through referrals, and 46% of those hires have at least a 12-month retention rate, with only 33% of those hires coming from the careers site.

With frictionless sharing, your employees can share roles that would be a good fit for their network just by saying yes. With our 95% response rate, that means you’ll be tapping into 95% of your employees networks, helping you to reduce your recruitment spend and improve your quality of hire.

Paiger will tell you when your website is down

Stop missing out on leads

If your website is down, people cannot reach you. You could be missing out sales leads & job applicants and not even know about it.

Paiger will monitor your website every minute and alert you when it's down. He will continue to monitor and tell you when it is back up and how long it was down for so you know the impact it had on your business.

Take your recruitment marketing to the next level