We’re back with another feature (or two!)  This week, we’re bringing you two brand new features which means, sharing jobs via Paiger can be used by anyone, anywhere and will always gain maximum reach!  So, I am super excited to tell you that… Paiger now works in Europe! Your jobs can be shared in your […]

A few months ago, Paiger decided to announce a feature month – where we released an exciting new feature every week for a month! Well, good news! It’s back for October. So, no tricks here! Stay tuned and you’ll be in for a treat! First and foremost, I’d like to introduce: PaigerTV.  PaigerTV introduces a whole new […]

Paiger is a tool for marketing and sales people and Paiger Meet is built to allow the two to work together further down the funnel for the first time. Give your salesperson a dedicated, fully brandable chat room that works on any device, supports screen sharing and is easily shareable by WhatsApp, LinkedIn, XING & […]

We’re seriously excited to announce this. It’s our most requested feature and it’s finally here. You can now tag your colleagues and company pages on your scheduled LinkedIn posts! I repeat, this is not a drill. Paiger allows you to schedule your LinkedIn status updates in advance, and tag your company page and colleagues into […]