As some of you may remember, Paiger undertook a significant rebrand in 2019 from formerly known ‘Content App’ to ‘Paiger’. The journey was interesting and stressful (to say the least), so we want to share our journey with you.  The idea behind rebranding is often to create a different identity for a brand, from its […]

The last few weeks have provided an excellent opportunity to reflect. I’ve been able to reflect upon my current business processes more than ever before and I’ve discovered something that we all do on a daily basis, but we don’t utilise.  It’s your video calls.  The power of recording your video calls is truly underestimated. […]

Yes. Give something away to gain clients. A very short and sweet opening but in this blog, we are going to be discussing all things lead generation and how the use of content can help!  98% of people who visit your website will leave without taking any action. A shocking statistic considering the time and […]