Beginning our marketing journey was daunting, we are very ambitious so our first thought was to get everything done now which isn’t possible. We needed to take a step back from our rough notes and ideas to prioritise how we could get it all done and at which speed. 

It made sense for us to start back at the basics for the best long-term effect. For us, this involved identifying who we were as a company and where we wanted to be. So we moved to our first three stages as: 

  1. Identifying Our Personal Brands 

Each of our team pushes content to different industries, with different preferences so it was important to coordinate who was posting what types of content and why. We found that with both a marketing and recruitment focus currently, we needed to ensure that our team was targeting the right people with the right content. Most obviously using Darren to push marketing content and Rohit to push recruitment content. 

The company page also needed to be considered as a persona to post frequently but different content as a vital place to show off our product. The future location for testimonials, feature updates, and team news (using Paiger of course 😉 ).

  1. Changing Social Logos and Banners

We wanted to move away from our darker colour scheme to a brighter, simpler logo and image. 

A new look which used a brighter blue was then our next point of call. Looking at different brands in our sector highlighted that a clear and easy to understand logo and tagline was key. It will define our brand going forward and we want it to be memorable and professional. We utilised canva to create a new logo square, banner for LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, all of which require different sizes 🙄 .

This step took a relatively short time even though it seems a dramatic decision. We are trying not to overthink each stage and move with what we think looks best in the moment. The result is a bright logo:

and I think catchy tag line shown in our Facebook Banner:

  1. Case Studies to Highlight User Stories Across Industries

Next we wanted to begin building as much quality content as possible. Something we’ve been meaning to do for a year or so which is case studies. We often get asked for case studies by potential clients and have to awkwardly reveal we don’t have any, just quotes… So it was finally time to complete them. 

We have great clients, many who were more than willing to give rave reviews about our product., so it seems stupid on our part not to use them.

To build our case studies we began by formulating questions based on a google search of ‘what makes a good case study’. The interviews took place over video and we recorded them to make notes on later. A key element was getting both great information and quotes, something we were told looks fantastic on a case study, thanks Google.

It was important to find out our interviewees pain points before they used us, the previous competitors’ that they might have used, or if they had not used a different product before and then their success from us (obviously!). 

The insights we gathered gave us great quotes which could then be turned into testimonials and even more social content – winning. 

Most importantly the case study results gave us a professional looking PDF created on canva which could be sent to clients and ideally boost our sales, we’ll see.  

You can view the finished case studies here.  

What’s Next?

Our next steps are focused around SEO strategy and PPC which we anticipate will be the most difficult to set up but once we execute it, could be the game changer to our sales stats. 

If there is anything you would like to hear more about or are unsure of why we did it this way please let us know.

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