I want to start off by saying this week has been tough. I’ve been balancing some personal issues with my son falling ill and spending some time in hospital (he is feeling a little better now) which meant I haven’t been able to focus so much on the business this week.

Fortunately, I have a great team around me who were able to keep things running smoothly and our marketing has not stopped.

When we started this journey over a month ago we had a lot of ideas on the go and each week it seemed like we had cancelled one, changed one, and finished one.

This week was a little different. A lot has been going on, with a lot of moving parts that we have been trying to tie up for next week to run smoothly.

Next week we are planning to officially launch our email marketing campaign through ARM. But before this could happen, we have been tying up loose ends to ensure the emails which will be sent out are correct.

The main issue for us is connecting our Facebook and ads account to the ARM system so that we can create custom audiences based on who visits which page on our website.

For example, if a potential customer visits our employee advocacy page and then the pricing page – we want to be targeting them with ads specifically related to employee advocacy benefits within their business.

This will ultimately affect where they fall into our MQL journey and how we secure a demo/ sale.

It’s not all bad this week though, we have been having some fun working on a charity t-shirt campaign. With all profits being donated to Mind, the mental health charity.

We feel very strongly about Mind, after what has been a very difficult time recently for everyone, and we plan to do our part in supporting the charity whilst sharing a message which we feel passionate about.

This week is a shorter update whilst we are busy tying up loose ends but next week it is all systems go. We can’t make progress every week and we wanted to be as honest as possible on this journey.

A lot of next week will be on completing the setup of our marketing automation, finalising our t-shirt plans, getting our ads live, revisiting our ad words, and continuing with SEO.

Once these are completed we need to move our socials back to 80% value and 20% sale, as currently, we are focusing on value 100% and need to get back to selling our product, booking demos, and getting revenue.

I look forward to showing you how we get on.

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