Proven to save you 30 minutes a day

Paiger will get you more applications from social media

Automatically share your jobs with branded imagery, an engaging status update, relevant hashtags and a call to action.

Paiger integrates with your current website and you can track your visitors in Google Analytics.

Jobs link back to your own website to ensure candidates see your brand and Google boosts your SEO.

You don't have to do a thing & it's proven to increase your applications from social channels!

Key benefits:

  • Save time for your recruiters and marketing team
  • Reach beyond your 1st degree connections
  • Boost engagement by x 2
  • Always follow your brand guidelines
  • Direct traffic back to your own website

What I’ve noticed so far is that my adverts have been shared on LinkedIn without me having to do anything. My views are up and my applications are up.
Simon Trebilcock
Recruiter, Barrington James
Deliver more value to your followers & connections

Effortlessly update your LinkedIn every single day

Simply tell Paiger what industry you work in, what content your audience would find interesting and Paiger will check the news, podcasts and YouTube channels for you and suggest things to share by text message.

To share, just reply with yes or update to add your own thoughts.

Filter content by sentiment and keywords to tailor your assistant to you.

I have felt like I’m shooting in the dark a lot when it comes to marketing. Paiger is helping me get over that and more importantly I am “getting on with it!”
Mike Tait
Director, GOTO Resourcing
Attract passive candidates to your jobs

Paiger will attract passive candidates reading the content you share

While your audience is reading the content you've shared on your social channels, Paiger will overlay one of your latest roles to attract passive candidates.

Improve the quality of your applicants by using social media to recruit top talent that aren't actively looking for a job.

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The more we can share specific content, the more engaged our customers are becoming
Ricky Martin
Apprentice Winner
Paiger will check your job advert quality and tell you when something is wrong

Never put someone off applying to your jobs

Spelling mistakes will stop people applying for your roles and negatively affect your SEO. Paiger will monitor your advert quality and email you if he finds something wrong.

Paiger also understands which job adverts will put females off from applying and will alert you when this is the case so you can take action!

We're really enjoying using Paiger and are seeing added value already! Great tool!
Katie Ball
Recruiter, Search Consultancy
Paiger will email you every morning with talking points for the day

Tired of having the same conversations? Prospects are too

Have more meaningful conversations with prospects and candidates by ensuring you are up to speed with the latest news in your industry.

Queue content to your social channels in one click and Paiger will share it automatically at the right time, with the right hashtags.

It's nice speaking to people that (over) deliver on their promises!
Chris King
Director, Barrington James

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