Having been a technical hiring manager for over 7 years, I thought I’d share the top 3 things I wish a recruiter would have done before prospecting me.

One of the best recruiters I spoke with as CTO of Broadbean was Charlie Robinson and that is because he had done his homework.

These simple tips will help you have better, more informed conversations with prospective hiring managers and earn the right to pitch your service.

Know what the technology stack is before the call

Using tools like https://builtwith.com/, you can easily see what technologies a company’s website or web apps are utilising. If they’re running React JS, you’ll know that ahead of the call and can immediately grab their attention by showing you’ve done your research & understand their needs.

Look at Open Source contributions to learn more

A quick search of GitHub for the company name should surface any open source packages they’re maintaining:


You can use this further identify their needs, backend languages they are using or see who the contributors are to stalk them on LinkedIn.

Information is king when it comes to cold calling and preparation is key.

Check Hacker News monthly – they might have already told you *exactly* what they are looking for

If you don’t already check Hacker New’s “Who is hiring” thread every month, you’re missing out of seriously hot leads that are packed with the information you need. An example thread can be seen here:


Before you a call a prospective technical hiring manager, be sure to check the latest thread for the company name as they’ll likely have listed the positions they’re struggling to fill and what they’re looking for in an ideal candidate.


If you do these 3 things before a call, you will be better prepared and won’t have to rely on trying to “get to know” your prospect to build a rapport, seriously, they know you don’t mean it when you ask how the family is.

If you know what their pain is and offer a solution, you’re 2 steps ahead of every other recruiter that is calling.

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